Links of note on the Slocum Massacre:

The Columbia University Library Stacks

The Columbia University Library Stacks

For the full story, you can find a copy of E.R. Bills' book on the Slocum Massacre at your local library, Powells Bookstore, and  


For the latest updates on the ongoing efforts to study and share the history of the Slocum Massacre please visit the Facebook page by entering 1910 Slocum Massacre in the search box for your account to follow the postings. 


This Texas Public Radio segment discusses both the importance of studying the Slocum Massacre and the obstacles faced in presenting this history.  In addition, it provides a useful overview of the events surrounding the Slocum Massacre. 


For a primer on researching and writing history based on primary documents, Professor Patrick Rael of Bowdoin College has created a useful guide for students and teachers.  


This map helps to put the Slocum Massacre in the context of a wider pattern of racist violence in the United States.