G.J. Hayes Letter

The latest document added to the Slocum Massacre website is the 1984 G.J. Hayes letter to Eliza Bishop of the Houston County Historical Commission.  Over thirty years ago he asked about having a historical marker placed to allow people to remember the massacre.  Near the end of the letter Dr. Hayes concludes that he "has probably bored you with what" he has already said.  In fact boring seems to be one of the least accurate ways to describe this letter, so why use the term boring?  Perhaps Dr.Hayes expected Ms. Bishop to find the violence and trauma he describes as common and unexceptional, and given that she did not approve any sort of marker perhaps she did not consider it noteworthy.  

In parts of the letter Dr. Hayes simply repeats what was reported in the newspapers, but he also adds new details learned from his father and people involved with the massacre.  The description of the grave could be useful for future efforts to unearth the victims and to determine how many lives were lost in the massacre.  Dr. Hayes notes that his father believed that there were many more than 18 people killed, but that this number was put out as an attempt to whitewash the event.  While every detail cannot be taken as the absolute truth, Dr. Hayes' descriptions make it possible to think of how this event happened at many different points in time and space.  The document can be found in the letter section of the website.